Evan Williams keynote

New app anywhere platform for integrating Twitter into websites. Hover cards that can be integrated into HTML text to let people follow someone or see their latest tweet. Goal is to “reduce friction” –  make it easier to do things that you can already do – and to improve discovery by letting users find new people to follow within a meaningful context.

The business model question: still exploring possibilities, trying to create value and improve the experience.

What is Twitter? An information network that helps people discover what’s going on in the world. And share. But you don’t have to share to use Twitter. Trying to increase the signal to noise ratio. If you are sharing stuff, how do you connect with people who care? Trying to make this work better.

How Twitter works internally: autonomous teams; avoid centralized decision-making.

Sharing data with Google and Bing: saw this as a way to increase the value of the network and improve the user experience. Twitter users need to be able to discover the feeds that will be most useful for them; this is not working ideally yet.

[Had to abandon this post to make way for all the attendees walking out of the session.]


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