The Right Way to Wireframe, Part 1

Presented by Todd Zaki Warfel and Russ Unger

This session is about the how. There is a lot of talk about the what and why – “we’re doing great things,” “we’re changing the world through design!”  But no one in the UX field shows their work. We all work on proprietary and confidential stuff. Have you ever seen a wireframe from Jesse James Garrett, Peter Morville, or Jared Spool? This is a call to the UX field to “nut up or shut up” – show your work and let people see what you’re doing, critique it, and learn from it.

Arguments over wireframing versus prototyping and what is the best tool (Visio, Axure, Omnigraffle) are beside the point. The goal is to produce an artifact that functions as a communications tool.

The test case:, a microlending service to connect people who need health care with potential funders.

My takeaways from this:

A technique I’ve never tried is storyboarding an interaction through a 6-8 frame sketch.

Now wondering if the idea of showing your work could be a good way of helping clients understand the process of UX design and the reasoning behind UX recommendations.


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